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Saturday, May 30, 2009

1999 Saleen S281 Mustang -UPDATE-!!

Well People here are the update Pictures for you all to

I have put ALOT of work into this with a little help from SupraLov3r & SlicK, as far as answering question I have had along the way... (Note I have done all the work myself though with exception to a very nice "JAY" logo made for my by Supra! Thanks again)


The Wheels Ruin It...

So... I Swapped Them Out.. :)

List Of OtherThings I Have Done So Far!

  • Rear Bumper "Saleen" Lettering
  • Custom - Rear Center Tail-Pipes
  • Custom - Sony Xplode Audio System

List Of Things Lift To do!.

  • Saleen -S281 Trunk Logo & Saleen "S" Trunk Logo
  • Driver & Passenger Doors "Saleen" Decals
  • Finishing The Saleen Style Roll Bar
  • Saleen Style Rear Seat - Tanue Cover
  • Saleen Style Front Bumper

[Please Remember This Is Version (1) Of (2) I Am Making! Version 1 "WILL NOT" Be Released

However Version (2) "The Hardtop "WILL BE" Public....]

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